Have a machine that you need to connect to the Internet?
WE CAN HELP! We offer unsurpassed security, fiber optic feeds from four separate companies, and redundant air systems; no one can beat us. Our facilities were specially designed and custom built to support co-location. Contact us now to obtain the space and access you need.
Co-Location includes the following:
$300 / Month
1 Terabyte Thruput
Additional Thruput Provided at $30 / month / 100 Gigabytes
Customer to Provide Own Equipment
Need to use our equipment?
Check out our Server Partner Program - we supply the server! For multiple servers, we have special pricing for quarter, half and full racks. Contact (317) 287-3232 for more details!
Server Partner Program includes the following:
$400 / month
1 Terabyte Thruput
Additional thruput provided at $30 / month / 100 Gigabytes
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